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domingo, 13 de enero de 2019

Amazing Boss - Carmen

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Amazing Boss

I want say how amazing it is to do your EVS with Las Niñas del Tul. If you have some problems in the governmental departments, someone would be there and Carmen was there as a hero for me. You know that I am from Turkey, so I am not citizen of Europe. I need to get a visa and permission to stay in Spain. I already had many problems during my visa application process. It is really hard to do in the governmental department. It is more difficult in Spanish side.

I have to be in Granada till the end of my project and I had bought my flight ticket to go back to my country for a few days later. When we were in the governmental department of Granada, I got a surprising bit of bad news. My permission and my flight are not matched. They weren’t very considerate when giving these dates. It is impossible to finish my voluntary work and pick up all my stuff (clothes etc.) and go back to my country on the same day. I can’t and I won’t. By the way I already went over the total amount of flight payment which the EVS project can reimburse me. I don’t have enough money and I couldn’t arrange a new flight ticket.

Suddenly, my lovely hero came to help me (Carmen was with me). She solved it in an hour So no problem anymore about the dates. I will keep enjoying with my EVS life here =)

The Old Sugar Factory in Chana - Marci

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While we were running the youth exchange called Culture in Constant Change (Cultange for short) at Ciudad de los Niños, this old abandoned building complex across the street caught my eye. It is the remains of what one day was the Azucarera San Isidro, the San Isidro Sugar Factory. I have always been drawn to exploring abandoned buildings, not just for an adrenaline rush, but also to think about what a building may have been used for or how it looked like all those years ago.

This particular building complex is very well preserved and almost all the buildings are accessible with a little climbing and scrambling. Of course, you are not really allowed to be there, but it's unlikely that anyone will care. The buildings themselves are very interesting and some of them have rather striking architecture!

The graffiti scene in and around Granada is really strong, and you can clearly see this in the abandoned warehouses here as well, with a couple of really nice pieces decorating the walls!

If you want to read more about abandoned buildings around Granada, I did a more in-depth blogpost on my own blog. You can check that out HERE.

lunes, 17 de diciembre de 2018

Ruta Por El Albaicín - Marci

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On Saturday, Artilugios, an association sharing the office space with us organized an event which I decided to join. It was called Ruta Por el Albaicín. which means a tour of the Albaicín and it was organized jointly with another organization, Amani. The goal of the project was to get the Granada youth to socialize with people who have arrived recently to Spain as refugees and are trying to integrate.

First, we got a little introduction to the work of Amani, which I sadly didn’t really understand, since it was all in Spanish. Then we had a series of funny icebreaker games to get the group to loosen up. At some point to the amusement of all the other visitors of the Triunfo Garden, the whole group of about 30 people was singing the “banana song” which was truly hilarious.

We then explored the Albaicín, walking up through the gate on Triunfo Square and hearing about the story of this iconic neighborhood. After a good hour of walking, we arrived to Mirador San Nicolas, where we heard a bit about various practices, traditions and rituals related to water use. Soon after, the tour ended. I admit, for me it was not as educational as for the Spanish participants, since I was struggling with the language barrier, but it was still quite a fun experience, and I got to help out the Artilugios with some photos of their event!

lunes, 10 de diciembre de 2018


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...Bohemian Rhapsody...
It is still on my mind.

Last week, one of my flat mates named Hanna wanted to go to the cinema because she loves Queen a lot. She had already recommended me to listen to the group’s music, however I didn’t like it so much. She was in a bad mood one day and wanted to be cheered up by a movie and I decided to go with her. By the way Marci also wanted to come with us but he needed to go to Ireland instead. I think we will do it again all of us together.

At the same time, I was worried. I could watch movies with English subtitles but It would be with Spanish subtitles in the cinemas in Granada. She told me that I would manage to understand all movie. Yes guys, it was MY FIRST TIME TO GO TO THE CINEMA IN A FOREIGN COUNTRY.

I did my Erasmus in Stockholm but I haven’t dared to go to the cinema in a foreign country before. I managed to understand all of the movie. The important thing is not about understanding, is about enjoying. Yes, Hanna manage to convert me as a fan of Queen =D

I am so happy that I have Marci and Hanna as my new friends…

Celebrating Human Rights Day

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Every year on the 10th of December, the world celebrates Human Rights Day. This year is a special one, because it marks the 70th anniversary of the United Nations adopting the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the most important document on human rights. On this day, in 1948 the General Assembly of the United Nations created this document, enshrining human rights into international law. Human rights are inalienable rights which everyone is entitled to, regardless of race, color, religion, sex, language, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status. If you are interested, you can take a look at the document here.

On this day there are many official celebrations and commemorations of this historic event, but perhaps even more significant is the work of NGOs and human rights activists. To turn things more local, while we in the organization don't organize an event for Human Rights Day, we do encourage you to go out and participate in some events. Surely there will be some local event which you could join near you! For those of you from Granada, an example of it is Amnesty International's film screening today. See the poster for the event below and watch the trailer for the film here.